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Bad Ideas for Church Advertising

While in another country, I saw ads painted on the sides of homes and buildings. It was a way for the home or business owner to make some extra income. So, I started thinking about churches. They have big walls and could use extra income. What if they used those walls for advertising? The ideas are endless- and bad ideas abundant. Here are some of those bad ideas for church wall advertising.

– Rogaine. It works for Pastor Bob.

– Dr. Pepper. The preferred soft drink for non-heretics.

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Bad Christian Tattoos

There are many ways to go wrong with tattoos. Names of old flames, too scary, too colorful. Not to mention the faded tattoo of the girl on one’s arm done 50 years ago. She can lose her charm after 50 years. Just saying.

Sometimes Christians use tattoos as a statement of some sort. A cross, a bible verse in Greek- that sort of thing. But, just in case you are a Christian and thinking of a tattoo, here are my top ten bad Christian tattoo ideas to avoid.

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