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Sixteen Years Ago Today

Great thoughts from my wife on her birthday!

I have to be honest.  I don’t remember most of my birthdays.

I’ve never been a fan of too much attention, so I like to keep it simple.  A nice meal (that I don’t have to cook or clean up), and my family surrounding me.

It’s quite a confession coming from a mom and nana that does everything possible to make sure her kids and grandkids know how special they are on their special day… does that make me an oxyMORON?!

There is one birthday I will never forget, though, and I just happened across a photo of it the other day when I was searching through some old pictures.  I thought I would gift it to my readers that have never had the privilege of traveling to the land of the Bible.

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What I Learned about Missionaries

My wife and I recently spent a couple of weeks in Madagascar with our son-in-law, daughter and two grandbabies who serve as career missionaries with the International Mission Board. Here are some lessons learned while there.
1. We should be very grateful for American plumbing. It is a good thing. Perhaps you haven’t thanked the Lord for those many blessings that other places don’t take for granted. The Western world has unbelievable riches compared to much of our world. With those blessings come some responsibilities.
2. Missions is hard. After the idealism wears off there is the reality of difficult language study- or in the case of my family, sort of two languages to learn with the dialect of their people group. There is the reality of bad smells and undependable electricity and strange food and customs. It is hard.
3. The call matters. If you become a career missionary to see the world and have fun and take some neat pictures you will undoubtedly Continue reading