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When Revival Comes

The great need of our day is for genuine revival to come to believers in our nation. I’m delighted to see Ronnie Floyd’s emphasis on revival (sometimes called a “spiritual awakening”) in my own denomination. It is desperately needed.
Revival is specifically about the revived spiritual commitment of those who know Christ as Savior and Lord. While it leads to evangelistic concern (and often an awakening among those who are not saved to their need for salvation) it is specifically about reviving those who have already been “vived”.
Here are some results that will follow a genuine revival should it come to our churches and believers.
1. A deepened love for God and the Continue reading

Sunday’s Song

Thoughts from my sweet wife.

Some days the song in my heart is a simple, “I need thee, Oh I need thee. Every hour I need thee”.

Other days it’s a jubilant, “You’re a Good, Good Father, that’s Who You are!”

I can still remember songs that I learned as a child, and the music in my head often comes from a secret place deep within my heart.

My feelings cannot be trusted, so when the songs in my heart reflect truth,

regardless of circumstances,

my simple words become an offering of praise:

“How great is our God!  Sing with me, how great is our God!”

“Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty!

“You’re my hiding place, safe in Your embrace, I’m protected from the storm that rages.”

“He is able, more that able, to accomplish what concerns me today…” because,

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