Bad Christian Tattoos

There are many ways to go wrong with tattoos. Names of old flames, too scary, too colorful. Not to mention the faded tattoo of the girl on one’s arm done 50 years ago. She can lose her charm after 50 years. Just saying.

Sometimes Christians use tattoos as a statement of some sort. A cross, a bible verse in Greek- that sort of thing. But, just in case you are a Christian and thinking of a tattoo, here are my top ten bad Christian tattoo ideas to avoid.

1. A full color map of Paul’s second missionary journey.
2. “My dad went to seminary and all I got was this lousy tattoo.”
3. “Ask me about consubstantiation.”
4. “I love Third Baptist Church” with strike through of “First” and “Second”.
5. A bicep tattoo of Mt. Sinai that “grows” as you flex.
6. “I can spell Nebuchadnezzar”.
7. A belly tattoo with “I brake for potluck dinners.”
8. “What would John Calvin do?”
9. “I learnt at (fill-in-the-blank) Seminary.”
10. “Meek Greek Geek”

Any more suggestions?

2 responses to “Bad Christian Tattoos

  1. 11. “God told me to get this tattoo. “

  2. So glad I held off on getting a WWJCD tat!

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