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12 Things Every Ministry Leader Needs to Be

God cares about who you are, not just what you do. Before thinking of what we need to do, let’s think about what we need to be. Our “doing” should come out of our “being“. So, if you lead in ministry in any way, here are things you need to be. And, remember, what we do is always a result of who we are.

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Tips on Teaching your Kids Not to Follow Christ

Christian parents, are you looking for some easy suggestions on how to help your children grow up to be heathens? Interested in helping them slide down the path to moral relativism and depravity? Needing some helpful tips on ways to lead them to be lukewarm Christians at best? You have come to the right place! Here are some simple tips on how to teach your children not to follow Christ.

1. Skip church at the drop of a hat. Make sports and other activities more important than worshipping the Almighty. Attend church only if it is convenient. Let them stay at home on Sunday mornings because they are “sick” but then attend events on Sunday afternoons. Never ask them to bother to plan ahead or set an alarm or anything else so dreadful. Don’t let your family dream of attending church if the weather is bad or good- or might be bad or good. If they attend church each week they might learn about God’s plans and actually begin to follow him. Bonus points if you talk about church attendance as “legalism”.

2. Never read the bible or pray with them. You don’t want to risk your kids thinking bible study and prayer is important so don’t ever do it with them. Remind yourself that spiritual matters are “personal”. Tell yourself Continue reading