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Opportunity and the Southern Baptist Convention

The Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) faces some challenges. We have slowly declined in recent years. We have less members and attenders. The decline in evangelistic effectiveness is especially troubling. But there is opportunity.

Our fellowship has not always been stellar. We can be cantankerous towards each other and our disagreements are not always handled as agreeably as they should be. Sometimes we find ourselves unnecessarily snarky. But there is opportunity.

We have vacancies at the leadership of two major agencies– the International Mission Board and the Executive Committee. These are critical roles and there are no perfect people to lead them. But there is opportunity.

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Stay Close to Jesus

The essence of discipleship is found in Jesus’ words, “Follow me.” Can’t you just picture him calling out to Peter and Andrew and James and John, “Follow me!” He didn’t tell them where they would go or what they would see. He just called them to stay close to him, to walk with him and to be with him.

Discipleship is, of course, more than attending church services. It is more than keeping the rules. At its heart, discipleship is following the Lord. It is staying close to Jesus.

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The Gospel According to Acts

Good thoughts from my sweet wife!

Yes, I know.  In Matthew, Mark, Luke and John we see “The Gospel According to…”, but in the Acts of the Apostles we see

the gospel in action.

The Gospel:  the “good news” of Jesus the Messiah who came to bring salvation to all who place theirfaith in Him.

While the first four books are personal accounts of the Gospel, this book is penned to show us what happened to believers after Jesus is ascended back to the Father:

They became living, breathing testimoniesof the gospel.

There was no, “I met with Jesus yesterday, but today my life is back to normal.”


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