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Race and the Jesus Agenda

Few things are more difficult to have an honest conversation about than issues of race. This issue continues to divide and befuddle and frustrate our nation and even our churches. When I was a young man (my wife tells me I’m still young but her eyesight isn’t what it used to be) I thought racial reconciliation and unity would be far better by this point.

I’ve gone to some meetings about racial reconciliation and have come out of those times with this thought. The Continue reading

Not a White Church

I am not a white pastor. Don’t get me wrong, I am quite Caucasian. I’m named Douglas, get sunburned pretty easily and live in suburbia. That sounds pretty Caucasional…Caucasionistic…Caucaustic? But I am not a white pastor. I am a pastor… who wants to be a man of God.
My church is not a white church. While we have a lot of whitish skinned people in our church we are not a white church. We are a church. And, by the way, Continue reading

The Segregation of the Church

There are so many ways to divide the church. Our past has often included division by race. I am glad to see that changing. I love that my church has people of different backgrounds and races. Heaven will certainly include people of every tribe and tongue.
Segregation by race has been accepted and justified by the homogenous growth principle. That is the principle that people tend to come to Christ through churches that are much like they are. But isn’t the ideal something better than churches that are segregated by race?
Today’s churches have a new way to divide.  They are often segregated by age. Continue reading