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Whatever Happened to Sunday School?

I love Sunday School.  There, I said it out loud.

When I became a pastor 30 years ago (What? 30 years have gone by? But I am so young!)  the question was asked differently.  You know, the question we asked each other when we pastors got together-  “How was your attendance?”  We used to ask, 30 years ago, about how many were in Sunday School. 

30 years later, when we announce our attendance, we answer with our worship attendance.  There is nothing wrong, of course, with tracking our worship attendance.  It is worth noting, however, that Sunday School has been de-emphasized in many churches in this generation. 

I am an unashamed Sunday School junkie.  We emphasize Sunday School in our church-though we have jazzed up the name to “Life Groups”.  Never does a week go by that I don’t mention something about Life Groups.

Sunday School, or however small groups are done, is such a vital part of a healthy church.  I love worship.  It is exciting and important and great.  But let’s not lose sight of the importance of the personal, small group aspect of church life. It is a great place to learn and to experience life together.  Churches who emphasize small groups in addition to worship are the stronger for it.

The Christian life is best experienced together.  I encourage you to get in a Sunday School class or, if you attend FBC O’Fallon, IL, a Life Group. 

Sunday School is worth emphasizing again.



Whatever Happened to Discipleship?

Things are forgotten.  Priorities are rearranged.  Important concepts of faith are slowly ignored.

Discipleship is largely forgotten in much of the church in the western world.  That needs to be noted and corrected.  Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not against evangelism or worship or ministry- far from it.  But discipleship is too important to be ignored.  It is too major to become a minor.

This is a plea for discipleship in the lives of our churches and individual hearts.  Those of us who follow Jesus with our lips need to remember to follow Him with our lives.  Discipleship matters.

Let me encourage those of you who know Christ as Savior to take some healthy steps towards discipleship.  Spend time each day with the Lord in prayer and bible reading.  Obey the things you know the Lord wants you to do or to change.

Let’s elevate discipleship again.  Let’s recognize that Jesus calls us to follow Him and then let’s do it.

Rediscover discipleship.