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The Low-Down on Prayer

Thoughts on prayer from my praying wife.


Prayer is ESSENTIAL.


A token of appreciation.

A “go-to” when we’re desperate.

A “wish list” of our wants.

A poetic gesture with magical consequences.

IF IT IS ESSENTIAL, then why does it often feel like an anomaly?

anomaly [uhnomuh-lee]: “An odd, peculiar, or strange condition, situation, quality, etc.” []

It doesn’t have to be.  The God of the Bible has given us this supernatural ability to communicate with Him, but unfortunately, it very often is a struggle and doesn’t come natural to us.  Because of our human condition we are desperately in need of this intimacy with our Creator, but find it difficult–often because of our own preconceived ideas.

There have been volumes written on this very subject, but I would like to simplify this very complex idea of communicating with God in a way…

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Oceans, row boats and big sharks

I’m a land lubber. Never sailed, never rowed more than a lap around a (small) lake. But I recently read two books about water so now I’m kind of an expert.
“The Boys in the Boat” is the story of nine American rowers who won gold in the 1936 Olympics. It is a fascinating story of these young men. But the real fascination was the story of one of the men who grew up under extreme difficulties- death of a young mother, unkind stepmother, father without willingness to intercede. His story is worth the read. And this is a very well written book.
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A Gift of The Word

From my wife.

Once a year we give out Bibles to our First Graders. It’s an exciting time for these young readers, and a delight to see their sweet faces as they take ownership of this new, treasured possession.  One of the young moms shared that her daughter was so excited that she couldn’t sleep the night before!  “Jesus loves me, this I know… for the Bible tells me so.”

First Grade Bibles

My heart was just about to burst as I watched their reactions to this gift of God’s Word–most of them beaming, some of them cradling the book to their chest as though they would never let it go. One little girl immediately opened it to scour the pages, while another held it gingerly as though it might break.

I know for many of them it wasn’t their first Bible, but it took me down memory lane as I thought about my first Bible…

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How Winter Helps

I love the four seasons. I do get tired of winter and summer, but all four have their charms. (I say that with 7 inches of new snow on the ground which really cut into the attendance at church on Sunday. I really like a big crowd to preach to as do all pastors. I prefer snow to come on Sunday night rather than Saturday night as do all pastors- and school kids.)
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