Bad Ideas for Church Advertising

While in another country, I saw ads painted on the sides of homes and buildings. It was a way for the home or business owner to make some extra income. So, I started thinking about churches. They have big walls and could use extra income. What if they used those walls for advertising? The ideas are endless- and bad ideas abundant. Here are some of those bad ideas for church wall advertising.

– Rogaine. It works for Pastor Bob.

– Dr. Pepper. The preferred soft drink for non-heretics.

– Youth Pastor Jimmy recommends Monster energy drinks to energize your morning bible study.

– Christian Mingle. Official sponsor of FBC singles ministry.

– Our Pastor’s messages really improved since I started my Sundays with a Starbucks expresso.

– Pastor Bob recommends you don’t drink. But if you do, drink XYZ beer.

Or, better yet, the church could advertise itself on their church walls.

– Community Church. Home of the 9% tithe.

– Community Church. If you aren’t satisfied with the sermon we will give you another sermon- free!

Okay, all bad ideas. But there is a sense in which you are a walking billboard for your church. For good or for bad. What does the billboard of your life say about your church, your faith and about your Savior? Something to think about.

2 responses to “Bad Ideas for Church Advertising

  1. I love it when you make me laugh and make a good point at the same time!

  2. Bob, Was it the Pastor Bob/Rogaine thing that did it for you?

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