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Theology is Not the Goal

I’ve read a couple of books recently that taught me more about the life of J.P. Morgan, the famous banker. I didn’t know much about his life and work but he was among the most powerful men in the world for a time. He had great wealth, incredible influence and a massive art collection.
There was one thing that really surprised me about the man. He was Continue reading

What Pastors Need

The world of pastors and other vocational ministers is a different world. It can be wonderful, fulfilling, frustrating and discouraging all in the same day. It is fantastic because we get to work with people and it can be challenging because… well, because we get to work with people.
The majority of ministers do it because they believe God has called them to this important task. They want to make a difference in this world and in eternity. They care about people and love the message of the gospel. Their motivation, if they are what they need to be, is to honor the Lord, teach His word and help others to join them in following Jesus.
But, like all people, they have needs. Let me mention four things pastors need from their churches.
1. They need Continue reading

Hire a Missionary

With the downsizing of the International Mission Board by up to 800 people, many long time missionaries will be looking for ministry opportunities in the States. While they will be leaving the mission field (after some difficult and painful decisions) they still want to serve the cause of Christ in ministry. Might Southern Baptist Churches strongly consider them when looking for pastors and church staff members? Might they give them preference just as some businesses give preference to military veterans?
Here are three reasons to consider hiring a missionary as a pastor or church staff member.
1. They are willing to Continue reading

The Key

Good thoughts from my sweet wife!

To those looking for that secret to a happy life, guess what?

In this life, we will have joy and we will have pain:

~~The day comes and we can hardly contain the joy when that new life bursts onto the planet, changing our world forever.

~~Then the days of pain and separation and death are so intense that we think our hearts just might burst, and our life will never be the same.

I suppose most have experienced both, just as I have–and just as dear friends have this very week.

How do we do it?  How do we bounce back and forth between the two emotions and do anything more than survive?

How do we savor the precious few moments that God gives us, taking the good with the bad and making the best of what we have been given?

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