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Missionary Heroes

We need heroes. Of course, the true hero of our story should always be the Lord Jesus. No earthly hero can do what he did or give what he gave. But there is something to be said for the example of a fellow sinner who has followed the Lord in a way we can emulate.

Paul said, “Imitate me, as I also imitate Christ.” I Cor. 11:1 He served the church of Corinth as an example of a sinner following the Savior. He was a model, an example- a hero if you will- for other Christians to follow. He reminded them to follow him only as he followed Jesus. But he showed them how it was done in the real world by a real sinner who was following a real Savior.

Career missionaries serve as models for Christians back home. They might not like the tag “hero” but Continue reading

Five Things You Can Do When Your Child Messes Up

From my sweet wife!

It is inevitable, you know.  Those precious babies melt your heart and then… one day, they break it.

DISCLAIMER:  I am an empty-nester, and I was by no means a perfect parent. This isn’t a blog about one of my children or grandchildren.  It is a reflection on the times that my perfectly imperfect children messed up, and the conclusions I have come to as I look back on my years of parenting.

I have four children.  Two boys and two girls, each one very different from the other.  Same DNA from their parents, no drastic differences in their adolescent years, yet distinctively different in personality and perspective of our family unit.  While birth order and gender differences account for some of the distinctions, they also account for some of the shared similarities. (i.e. common memories, shared experiences and even family jokes that only we would understand!)

Two siblings (one…

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