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Race and the Jesus Agenda

Few things are more difficult to have an honest conversation about than issues of race. This issue continues to divide and befuddle and frustrate our nation and even our churches. When I was a young man (my wife tells me I’m still young but her eyesight isn’t what it used to be) I thought racial reconciliation and unity would be far better by this point.

I’ve gone to some meetings about racial reconciliation and have come out of those times with this thought. The Continue reading

Encouraging Missions

I want to encourage the members and churches of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) to be involved in missions. Not only do I encourage cooperative missions and support of the Cooperative Program (see my last post), I encourage every church and every member to be directly involved in missions. Here are two ways to do that.

1. Get involved by encouraging our International Mission Board (IMB) missionaries. Never have they needed encouragement as they do now. With hundreds of our most experienced missionaries leaving the field, those who remain need Continue reading

Encouraging the Southern Baptist Convention, part 1

A series of seven blogs on the Southern Baptist Convention? I’m not sure many will read one and I’m doing seven? Well, hope springs eternal in the blogger’s heart. These are seven areas or people that I think need some special attention and encouragement in the years ahead- seven areas that I want to encourage especially.

#1.  I want to encourage Cooperative Mission and support for the Cooperative Program.

I love missions of all sort. I’m not against societal missions in any way. But I do think our denomination’s method of cooperative missions with the International Mission Board has a special brilliance. Missionary Continue reading

More Pray

It is great to have a praying wife– and a praying granddaughter! From Vickie’s blog.

“Out of the mouths of babes.”

If you are a pray-er, it is more likely than not that you have had those times when you have prayed and prayed until you didn’t know what else to pray.  If you haven’t experienced it yet–hold on–that day will come.  It comes to us all…

I have four children and survived childhood injuries, the teenage years, and the “letting go” as they went away to college and married.  But nothing could prepare me for my children and grandchildren living in a Third World country. Not only is it FAR away, it’s difficult and expensive to get there.

Electricity is sporadic, but communication is relatively good when they have power, thanks to the internet.  We don’t connect with them every day of course, and the in-between days can be the hardest.

Many days of trying not to worry, prayer constantly in my mind and…

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