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Momentary Thankfulness

Thoughts from my sweet wife!

Sure. I want to live a life that is grateful. I want to dwell on the good. And I definitely prefer to camp in the “out of the woods” zone.

But sometimes life is justhard.

I talked with a woman at church today that weptover a friend’s struggling marriage.

My nephew is undergoing surgery right now to repair a broken jaw.

I have relatives facing cancer and Alzheimer’sand loss.

And I never, ever, want to be flippant about another’s pain or offer platitudes that mean nothing.

And, it’seasy to be thankful when things are “swimming along nicely”, isn’t it?

But sometimes we feel like we’re drowning…

It’s often in the struggle that we often discover the true depth of our gratitude.

And, true compassion should increase our own thankfulness, shouldn’t it?

GRATEFUL is defined [] as “warmlyordeeplyappreciativeofkindnessorbenefitsreceived;thankful.”

THANKFUL is defined…

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