Monthly Archives: January 2015

A God Centered New Year

I would like to be more God centered this year. Instead of having God on the periphery, wouldn’t it be better if God was at the center of our lives? Here is a bit of what that might look like.

1. A God centered life loves obedience. God is really big on the whole holiness thing. No compromise on this one. It matters deeply to him and should to those of us who follow him. If I am not obeying God, he isn’t at the center of my life. I’ve put him over in a corner and maybe taken him out on Sunday mornings, but he isn’t at the center of my life unless I am obeying what he tells me to do. This year I want to obey what God tells me to do through the Bible and through the prompting of the Holy Spirit.

2. A God centered life seeks God’s will. The core question isn’t really what you want to do. The most important issue is what God wants you to do. Wise is the Christian who wants God’s will more than his or her own. After all, God is smarter than us (some make that easier on God than others), knows the Continue reading