4 Helpings of Birthday Cake

Sunday was my birthday. I loved sharing my birthday with hundreds and hundreds of people at church. I love my church despite all the “humaness” that keeps us from being perfect. My church, like yours, is filled with people who have messed up and fallen. It is filled with people like

us who can be that strange mix of selfish and sacrificial- “selfificial”? (I am creating enough new words to go into the dictionary business!) But I love my church.

I shared my birthday with family. I loved sharing my birthday with them. We can get loud and crazy and, occasionally, a bit cranky. But my family is fun and loving and pours joy into my life like Grandmas pour sweet tea on a hot summer day. I love my family.

The cake was awesome. No candles- something about the fire code. But yellow cake with chocolate icing. 4 pieces. That’s right, I ate 4 pieces. It was my birthday! I love my cake. (And I need extra exercise this week.)

Don’t forget your blessings this week. Don’t forget how God has blessed imperfect you with imperfect friends, imperfect family and an imperfect church. And maybe even with 4 helpings of birthday cake!

One response to “4 Helpings of Birthday Cake

  1. I Like your style. I know content is most important, but your delivery is easy to receive. I’m not leaving with as bloody lip. Thanks and blessings. 🙂

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