The Low-Down on Prayer

Thoughts on prayer from my praying wife.


Prayer is ESSENTIAL.


A token of appreciation.

A “go-to” when we’re desperate.

A “wish list” of our wants.

A poetic gesture with magical consequences.

IF IT IS ESSENTIAL, then why does it often feel like an anomaly?

anomaly [uhnomuh-lee]: “An odd, peculiar, or strange condition, situation, quality, etc.” []

It doesn’t have to be.  The God of the Bible has given us this supernatural ability to communicate with Him, but unfortunately, it very often is a struggle and doesn’t come natural to us.  Because of our human condition we are desperately in need of this intimacy with our Creator, but find it difficult–often because of our own preconceived ideas.

There have been volumes written on this very subject, but I would like to simplify this very complex idea of communicating with God in a way…

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