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Why We Need the Military

I read a biography some time back on the life of Albert Einstein. There were some surprises. First, he was pretty smart. (It takes a genius to recognize one!) Second, when it came to family life and morality, he was no Einstein. A terrible example in some ways.
But there was one area where Einstein changed his views entirely. Early in his life, he was a committed pacifist. He was so committed to his view that he urged people to refuse to serve if drafted.
He changed his views. Can you guess why? Continue reading

What George Washington Told Me

George Washington book

Having just finished Chernow’s 830 page book on George Washington, I have some thoughts on what he might have to say to us through his 18th century dentures.  (Apparently, not made of wood, but teeth from other people or, at times, from ivory.  Note to self.  Thank the Lord tonight for modern dentistry!)
1. Your one life can make a difference. Washington was as indispensable a man as ever served his country. I have doubts that anyone else had the combination of ability and gravitas to lead this country through the revolution and founding of the government. Not Adams, Jefferson or any of the rest could have come close to matching George (we are on a first name basis) in coalescing a government and commanding the respect of the citizenry.

2.  Your integrity brings opportunityContinue reading