Why We Need the Military

I read a biography some time back on the life of Albert Einstein. There were some surprises. First, he was pretty smart. (It takes a genius to recognize one!) Second, when it came to family life and morality, he was no Einstein. A terrible example in some ways.
But there was one area where Einstein changed his views entirely. Early in his life, he was a committed pacifist. He was so committed to his view that he urged people to refuse to serve if drafted.
He changed his views. Can you guess why? Perhaps you are genius enough to have guessed the answer. It was a little thing called World War II that changed his views.
Had Einstein’s philosophy been followed, Hitler would have conquered the world, killed all his fellow Jews (and he certainly would have added Christians to that death list) and destroyed all Einstein held dear.
We need the military to stand between us and dictatorships of every kind. We need them to preserve our freedom and opportunity. We live in a fallen world filled with evil and we need protection from that evil. We need our military.
This 4th of July, reflect on all the freedoms we have. (I know we have many problems and iniquities in our land- that is for another post.) Remember the great opportunities we have because of those freedoms. And remember that freedom endures because military men and women stand ready to protect that freedom.

Be sure to thank the members of the military for their service to our country. Be sure to pray for them and their families. Be sure to pray for our national leaders as they make decisions that affect them. Be sure to remember what they have done and continue to do for us.

We need them.

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