What Humility Isn’t

Humility is a confusing concept in our self-esteem generation. Perhaps thinking about what it isn’t can help us to consider what it is.
1. It isn’t winning an honor. Probably the most common usage of the term is when someone wins an award or receives an honor and says, “I am humbled by this.”
No. You are not humbled by that award or honor. You may or may not be humble while receiving the honor, but the honor itself does not humble you. In fact, it is dangerously likely to puff you with pride. But it doesn’t humble you.
2. It isn’t thinking you are worthless. Believers should know that they are of tremendous worth to Jesus. He loves and values you deeply. God does not tell us to humble ourselves because we are worthless. We are children of the King of Kings. He tells us to be humble even though we are of tremendous value to Him.
Christian, thinking you are worthless does not come from God. It may come from your past or your circumstances or the enemy, but it doesn’t come from the Lord. You are of great, great worth to the Lord. But you can be valuable and humble at the same time.

3. It isn’t believing you are inept. Moses was called the most humble man on earth and yet he was tremendously capable. Believing yourself to be unable to minister effectively says more about your faith in God than about humility. God is able to use the common, the simple, the rejected and the broken. He does it all the time. God is able to make a difference through you despite your past, your problems and your weakness. God in you is capable of great things. And yet God wants you to be humble.

Perhaps humility is more about recognizing your need to depend upon God and not yourself. Perhaps it is more about your faith in God to do great things through you. Perhaps it is about placing less faith in your talent or ability and more faith in God and His talent and ability. Perhaps it is about getting the right perspective.

Humility? Yes, please.


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