Undoing What’s Been Done

Great thoughts from my sweet wife!

Parenting is, without a doubt, THE hardest job in the world, but undeniably, the most rewarding.  Not many would argue with me on that…

But when your children are small and you are tired and frustrated, and think it can’t possibly get any harder–you put them to bed, breathe a sigh of relief, and navigate your way through to the end of another day.

… Only to wake up and realize that the time is gone, and they have become men and women who are living out their own frustrations, making their own decisions, raising their own children–and you wish you could go back.  Not really go back in time and relive it all, but maybe just go back long enough to treasure some of those precious moments just a little longer–and spend time repairing some of the things you wish you had done better.

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