Connected by Faith

The church where I was saved many years ago just bought 500 copies of my devotional book “Immersed: 40 Days to a Deeper Faith”. They are going to use it for a church wide series beginning the week after Easter. Many churches have used the book that way now, but there is a special connection you have with the church where you gave your life to Christ.

I trusted Christ as my Savior and Lord in the old worship center at Immanuel Baptist Church in Benton, IL. That worship center is now a classroom but then it was a brand new building in this brand new church. I can still go back today to that very spot where I experienced God’s grace. We know there is nothing sacred in the spot where one is saved, but there is sure something sacred about the salvation. I’m thankful to see that church continuing to reach people with the message of the gospel all these years later.

I am very thankful for the ministry of that church in small town Southern Illinois. I am thankful they cared about a 9 year old boy and taught and preached the Bible to me. And I am honored to be able to help them in some small way through Immersed. It is my prayer God will use that simple devotional book to spark a continuing commitment to the message of the gospel that I heard all those years ago. I know this. I will be praying for them. Because there is a special connection that comes through faith!

2 responses to “Connected by Faith

  1. Dr. Munton… Our little church really got on fire for the Lord after we spent six weeks Immersed in your devotional guide and the readibg of three of the great books in the Bible. The best for us is when we met in our small “Life Groups”.

    There’s just something about being together and learning from each other. But, equally, the friendships and resulting fellowship with the people, through God, can be a life changibg experirnce.

    Like you, am really connected to the church where I came to know the Lord. But, am more connected to the people in the church where I grew spiritually. Of course that would be FBC Corinth. We were really blessed to have two great men of god lead us from 1988 through 2001.

  2. Jack, I’m so glad your church benefitted from Immersed- and there is something special about Life groups! I appreciate your ministry and friendship!

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