How Winter Helps

I love the four seasons. I do get tired of winter and summer, but all four have their charms. (I say that with 7 inches of new snow on the ground which really cut into the attendance at church on Sunday. I really like a big crowd to preach to as do all pastors. I prefer snow to come on Sunday night rather than Saturday night as do all pastors- and school kids.)
But winter serves a really great purpose. (Besides giving me a reason to store heavy coats, gloves, hats and that old sled.) It makes me appreciate spring.
I don’t think I can appreciate the beauty of spring as much without the cold of winter. I love that warm sunshine and the spectacular display of blooming trees and flowers. Truly awesome. But winter makes their awesomeness shine brighter.

I don’t like difficulties. But God often uses difficulties to help me to appreciate the blessings he sends. After difficulties, the awesomeness of blessings shine brighter.

If it is winter in your soul right now, perhaps God will use this time to help you appreciate the thousands of small blessings that you have neglected to notice. Perhaps the face of a child will shine brighter and the sparkle of an act of kindness will bedazzle as never before.

Winter helps that way.

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