About Fasting

Once in a while, I ask our church to fast. I doubt it is the most popular request I make. But many tell me of the spiritual significance of their fasting. So here is a brief overview of fasting.
What it isn’t-
1. Fasting isn’t a weight loss program. You lose muscle and replace it with fat when the fast is over. There are better ways to lose weight. I have no idea what those ways are, but I’m sure they are out there.
2. Fasting isn’t a hunger strike. It isn’t a way to bully God into doing what you want. Trying to bully God is seriously flawed.
3. Fasting isn’t to prove how great you are. Normally, fasting is something between you and God and God always knows about your greatness or lack thereof.
What it is-
1. Fasting is an opportunity to focus on prayer. Instead of eating one can pray. (Some can’t really fast from food- diabetics, those who struggle with anorexia, etc. You could fast from television or, heavens, social media and have the same opportunity to pray instead.)
2. Fasting can refocus. We remember that there is something more important than food. Even ice cream. I tend to get grumpy when I fast partly because I tend to be pretty food oriented. Especially with ice cream. I need to refocus sometimes.
3. Fasting can deepen faith. We can seek God more deeply and discover that he is deeper than our seeking. We can discover answers to prayer and spiritual revitalization.
Fasting is in the bible. Check it out.

One response to “About Fasting

  1. Great thoughts! Here is an article I wrote, when we did our Jan fast: https://chrisaomministries.wordpress.com/2015/01/02/when-you-fast/
    Feel free to use any portion of it, however you see fit. 🙂 C

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