Growing Spiritually

If you want to grow deeper in your Christian faith I recommend the following.
1. Read big chunks of the bible. Read the entire bible for yourself several times. It will take several times through to really begin to put it all together and see the big picture well- but it will be worth it.
2. Memorize some scripture verses. Be strict about it (best said with a German accent- roll the “r” on “strict”). Get it exactly right, word for word. This will force you to really know the verse.
3. Pray all the time. That is, pray every time you think about it. Have an attitude of prayer.
4. Pray systematically. Pray for specific people on different days of the week. Pray at the beginning of your day. Keep a prayer list.
5. Be active in worship services and small groups at your church. Take notes of the sermon. (Some of the folks at my church just write down what I should have said.) Ask a question or offer an answer in your bible study group.
6. Get involved in some ministry. Find some area where you can serve. Whether it is teaching a class or picking up trash at the church building (smashed cheerios are a sure sign of preschoolers having been there), service is a great way to model the example of Christ.
Bonus points: serve to honor the Lord and not to get noticed.
7. Share the message of the gospel with someone who doesn’t know Christ as their Savior. It will stretch you and benefit them. Be outed as a Christian at the job or at school.
There are many other suggestions, but they come best in smaller doses. Don’t be satisfied with where your spiritual life is currently. Grow in the Lord and you will find deeper satisfaction in your faith.

2 responses to “Growing Spiritually

  1. Really enjoyed this post, Pastor Doug. I hope you don’t mind that I’m sharing it with my network of college ministry folks.

  2. Chase, Thanks and share away!

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