A God Centered New Year

I would like to be more God centered this year. Instead of having God on the periphery, wouldn’t it be better if God was at the center of our lives? Here is a bit of what that might look like.

1. A God centered life loves obedience. God is really big on the whole holiness thing. No compromise on this one. It matters deeply to him and should to those of us who follow him. If I am not obeying God, he isn’t at the center of my life. I’ve put him over in a corner and maybe taken him out on Sunday mornings, but he isn’t at the center of my life unless I am obeying what he tells me to do. This year I want to obey what God tells me to do through the Bible and through the prompting of the Holy Spirit.

2. A God centered life seeks God’s will. The core question isn’t really what you want to do. The most important issue is what God wants you to do. Wise is the Christian who wants God’s will more than his or her own. After all, God is smarter than us (some make that easier on God than others), knows the future better than us and wants what is best for us (whether we realize that or not). Let’s try to follow God’s plan this year.

3. A God centered life loves to worship. Worship is not about style or preference or even about us. It is about God. Worship is centered on God, not me. (Worshipping ourselves is both common and deeply, deeply flawed.) The more I center my life on God, the more I enjoy his presence in worship. And, my worship will not be limited to Sunday mornings though I will love my church more deeply than ever. It will become part of who I am all the time.

4. A God centered life keeps perspective. Do you remember the story in the Bible where Jesus was walking on the water? Peter saw him and then did something amazing. He jumped out of the boat and walked on the water toward Jesus. Then, he noticed the waves and the wind and the storm and began to sink.  When he took his eyes off Jesus, the storm seemed overwhelming. I want to see the world more as God sees it this year. I want his perspective on the storms of life and the opportunities of life. I’d like to see his perspective on what matters and what doesn’t.

5. A God centered life uses time wisely. This time of year reminds us that time in this world is so limited. I know the calendar says last year began 365 days ago but it seems more like 48 to me. And don’t even get me started on how quickly my life is going by! But I have this day and this hour and I need to use it well and wisely. When I’m centered on God I realize the importance of living out the brief days God gives me in this life well. And I remember that I am going to stand before him to give account of my life. And, eternity is really, really long and I need to live with that in mind.

6. A God centered life loves fully. This year I would like to love God with all my heart, soul, mind and strength. I’d like to love my neighbor as myself. That seems like a pretty good starting place for all my Christian life. I want to love those who love me and even those who don’t. And, I’d like to make new friends that I don’t even know yet.

7. A God centered life serves humbly. If Jesus could get on his knees and wash the dirty feet of his disciples I can learn that same attitude. I can serve to honor the Lord and not myself. I can see myself as weak and dependent upon God so that I can be strong in his might and honor him more fully. When my life is centered on God it becomes less self-focused and more ministry focused.

How about living a God centered life this year?

One response to “A God Centered New Year

  1. Awesome reminder Pastor Doug.

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