Why Johnny Can’t Tithe

10 Reasons Johnny can’t give generously to God’s work through his local church.

1.  He is saving for a rainy day.

2.  He is saving for a sunny day.

3.  He is saving for a day that is both rainy and sunny.

4.  Two words: Disney World.

5.  Sure his sunglasses cost $700 dollars; but they were on sale.

6.  Aren’t mission needs overrated anyway?

7.  He is donating the old, stained carpet from his basement instead.

8.  What if the church doesn’t spend it like he wants them to?

9.  What might be next, serving others?

10.  God doesn’t really expect obedience– does He?

One response to “Why Johnny Can’t Tithe

  1. I like this “Johnny” series…truly.

    “Indicative evasion mixed with a small twist of subtle conviction.” – C.M.

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