Why Johnny Can’t Witness

10 reasons Johnny can’t share his faith with others.

1. Those video games won’t play themselves.

2. Really, witnessing seems like a lot of work.

3. What if someone gets saved who isn’t elect?

4. What if someone gets re-saved?

5.  What if someone gets re-saved who wasn’t elect the first time?

6. Paul witnessed and he got shipped to Rome and Johnny doesn’t like Italian food.

7.  It is the preacher’s job- or sometimes the deacons’.

8.  Johnny might get asked a question he can’t answer and the possible embarrassment is not worth the risk.

9.  Witnessing can lead to baptisms, baptisms take water and Johnny wants to be environmentally friendly.

10. Johnny doesn’t want to offend anyone– except the King of Kings; he is okay with offending Him.

3 responses to “Why Johnny Can’t Witness

  1. Nice.
    Now, should we expect: “Why Johnny Should Witness”…..

  2. Chris,
    I’d like to do that but then who would play solitaire for me?

  3. He needs a spankin… and so do his parents.

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