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When I become the Commissioner of Major League Baseball

I would imagine my election as commissioner of MLB is imminent. Afterall, I collected baseball cards when I was young, watch baseball on TV some, and caught foul balls at a Cardinals game and a Rangers game. I’m obviously qualified. It should come through any minute now. Here are the changes I will implement when that takes place. (Outside of the massive raise I will give myself- that just seems so obvious.)
1. The All Star game won’t count. It is an exhibition game for crying out loud. It shouldn’t count for home field advantage in the World Series. Let it be a feel good, make an overly big deal about retiring Yankees, have fun, see the guy in the other league that you don’t know much about, play everyone, kind of game.
2. No more DH. The Designated Hitter robs us of the joy of seeing people like ourselves. We miss seeing pitchers who can’t hit. We miss seeing aging fat guys chase pop ups. We like seeing people try to hit who can’t hit. (I’m not speaking of the Cubs, just Continue reading