Kindness Doesn’t Sell

“Be kind and compassionate to one another.” Ephesians 4:32

If you want more hits on your social media site, kindness won’t work. If you want to get attention in modern society, kindness isn’t the way to go. Let’s face it, in our modern world, kindness just doesn’t sell very well.

Kindness may not be our culture’s way, but it certainly is God’s way. Here are reasons to choose to be kind in a world that doesn’t value it.

1. God tells us to be kind. Want to obey the Lord? You will have to be kind to do so. You really don’t need other reasons to be kind as doing what God tells us to do is reason enough. Disciples ought to be more concerned with obedience than popularity. Obeying God’s word is always the right thing to do.

2. Jesus modelled kindness. I love the picture of Jesus showing compassion to the needy and the outcast. We see Jesus caring for little children. Our kindness is an imitation of the kindness of our Lord. Much of our modern culture follows a different model, but our example is Jesus. When we are kind, we are following in the footsteps of the Lord Jesus.

3. Love is kind. I Corinthians 13 defines love for us. The second description of love (after patience) is kindness. Kindness is an act of our love. It demonstrates our love. Love is not really love unless it shows true kindness. Love is defined by our actions, not our feelings and kindness is an act of our love. By the way, have you been purposefully kind to those you love lately?

4. Kindness impacts. The impact of kindness to others cannot be overstated. There is a power to kindness that cuts through barriers. We certainly need to answer the arguments of skeptics through biblical apologetics, but never forget the impact of being kind to others- even to the undeserving. Kindness opens doors that no argument can open.

5. Kindness is good for the soul. While anger, biting and cutting sell well on social media, these things tend to scar our souls. They lead to bitterness and unhappiness. Choosing to be kind to others is a healing balm, not just for them, but for us. There is always a blessing to God’s way. We bless when we are kind, but we are also blessed when we are kind. Kindness leads us to a better path of love and forgiveness and joy.

So, try some kindness today. Choose to treat others like you want to be treated instead of as they deserve. Be kind to those who can never repay you knowing the Lord’s pleasure is a greater reward. Show kindness because it is God’s way and is, therefore, the right way.

Kindness may not sell, but it sure does pay!

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