Those who don’t attend the Southern Baptist Convention

I just got back from attending the Southern Baptist Convention. It was an unusual and interesting and exciting meeting.
My wife served as the president of the Ministers Wives Conference with about 1,200 ladies attending the luncheon. It was awesome but she is worn out. (Shout out to all who helped her- we love you!)
I was elected the 1st Vice President of the SBC. Don’t you have some suspicions about an organization that would do that?
But I noticed some people who weren’t there. In fact, several thousand of them.
Our career missionaries are serving in hard places far, far away. They don’t get to come to our meetings. But I hope they are never far from our thoughts when we do meet. They matter to us and to our work.
I’m glad for all who came. But I never want to forget those who didn’t. And I pray God’s greatest blessings on them.

10 responses to “Those who don’t attend the Southern Baptist Convention

  1. Congratulations on your election. While I’m not a member, I’ve been following some of the SBC’s discussions on so many important issues. I wish the SBC the best of luck!

  2. Brother Vice President,
    Thank you for that timely reminder. May they always be in our prayers and thoughts.

  3. Rolland,
    Brother Vice President? 🙂

  4. Congratulations Dr. Munton. God has used you to help Him shape and mold many a persons. You’ve always built your own stage, but now you have an even bigger stage. Will always cherish my memories with you and Vickie and your family.

  5. Congratulations on the appointment ! Your wife should be complimented on what she accomplished , amazing job. Lastly , my heart cries for those that leave their homes ,family , jobs and then “denies themselves and take up the cross” for His glory to the ends of the earth.

  6. Bro. Slade could have said Brother 1st Vice President… grin. But whatever the title, congratulations Pastor. You will serve the SBC well as you already have in the past.

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