When Easter is Over

Our churches are never fully defined by our biggest Sundays or our smallest.

As a pastor, I love Easter Sunday. I love the large number of guests, those who haven’t been in a long time and the spiritually curious. We had our biggest attendance ever this past Sunday with 2,551 people. It is exciting to preach the message of the gospel to lots of people. There is an energy that comes with the large crowd.

I do know, of course, that not every Sunday has the same crowd. Here in Illinois we have snow Sundays that can devastate attendance. Sometimes a mild sprinkle can cut attendance for us. For crying out loud, the mildest hint that we might have the mildest sprinkle is enough to dampen attendance for some! And don’t get me started with summer vacations. Are they really necessary? (I mean for others, of course, not me.)

But I want to be as faithful with the smaller crowds as the bigger. I will always want more people to hear and respond to God’s word. I will always want more people to be faithful attenders at my church. But I want to be faithful at my responsibility whether others are faithful at theirs or not.

So, pastors and faithful church folks, let’s be grateful for Easter Sundays and big attendance. But let’s be faithful no matter what.

Oh, and I hope this Sunday is a great Sunday in my church and in yours!

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