Why I don’t bash Easter attenders

I love the opportunities that come with Easter Sunday. Hundreds of guests will come to our church on Easter Sunday- some who have never been to church and some who haven’t been in a long time. I won’t bash them for not being there every week. Believe me, as a pastor I would love for them to come to our church every Sunday. But I won’t bash them. Here are some reasons why.
– It is uncharitable. I love these people and care about them. I’ll love them enough to tell them the whole truth of the gospel and God’s word. I will tell them the whole truth. But I will do that out of my love for them.
-It is ineffective. Bashing people on the one Sunday they are in church for the others they weren’t in church is not an effective motivation strategy. It can even stand in the way of them listening to the truth of God’s word.
-It is uncivil. Treating others as you wish to be treated yourself matters. I would want someone to tell me the truth if I didn’t know it and I will tell people the truth on Easter Sunday- and every Sunday. But poking someone in the eye is not what I want done to me or what I want to do to others.
-It ignores the opportunity. Instead of complaining about people not coming on other Sundays, see the opportunity of Easter. People will come to hear me tell them the message of the gospel just because it is Easter. I love that opportunity. It is a great thing. A great thing.
I hope you have a great Easter Sunday. Pray for your pastor, pray for the guests who join you and pray that the wonderful message of God’s love changes lives and eternity.
Oh, and if you get any Easter candy, eat a piece for me!

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    Wise words for pastors on Easter.

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