A Dying Man

Recently, a man with a terminal disease came to speak with me about his funeral. That is a sobering conversation to have. While we don’t know how long he has left in this life (does anyone really?) it reminded me of some important things.
– We are all dying. This is the land of the dying. I look forward to going to the land of the living one day. But this is not that place.
-Life is fleeting. Time goes forward, never backwards. Young men become old men quickly. We never get to relive it.
-Big things need to be big. At the end of life we tend to think of family and love and joy and faith. Smaller things don’t seem that important from that perspective.
-Faith matters. This man gave his life to Christ just a few short years ago. He was radically changed- powerfully changed- by the gospel. He has hope that is greater than fear or death.
-The future matters. He trusts God with his future in heaven because Jesus paid the penalty for his sins and saved him. He was praying about the future of his children and grandchildren because he wants them to have that same future.
-Opportunities are to be seized. We need to tell people of our love, serve Jesus while we can, tell others of the gospel now and do what we can while we can. Don’t wait until conditions are perfect to do what needs to be done.
-Lessons can be learned. Consider now the kind of legacy you will leave behind. Do now what you will be glad you have done when you face eternity. Live like you are dying.
-Enjoy today. Smile, laugh and love today. Today is a wonderful gift God has given you. Make it count.
I’m glad God reminds me of things like this on occasion and hope it helps you as you live your life and face your eternity!

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