Christmas Movies

Like so many, my family will watch some Christmas movies this year. It’s a fun tradition.
-We’ll watch “A Christmas Story” and say “adios, Bart” with a hard “a” on the adios while giving warnings about the danger of shorting one’s eye out.
-We will watch “Elf” and note that Francesco is indeed a fun name to say.
-We will probably watch “Christmas Vacation” and remember that the jelly of the month club is the gift that keeps on giving.
-“Home Alone” might slip in there as we ask others if they’ve had enough or are they thirsty for more.
-“A Wonderful Life” reminds us to brush up on our Jimmy Stewart accents as we cry out “hello you old savings and loan”.
Christmas movies are fun, but nothing beats the family gathered as we read the Christmas story or the Christmas Eve services (3 this year!) or Getting in the Christmas Mood- our church musical outreach event or just worshipping with other believers at church on a Sunday morning.
And as our family continues to expand with new little grandbabies being added, I’m reminded of the wonder of God entering the world in that little manger on that starry night. I’ll marvel at God’s love for this fallen world. I’ll want to join the angels in some impromptu singing and the shepherds in some unexpected rejoicing.
I hope your Christmas is filled with amazement and gratitude and worship and some fun. Blessings on you this Christmas!

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