Why Missions?

The question is phrased differently but often asked. Why international missions? Why not focus on the needs here? Aren’t there enough spiritual needs in America to focus upon? Why care about those so far away? Couldn’t we better spend our money here?
Here are some of my answers to “why missions?”
1. Missions is biblical. The bible talks frequently about the gospel being for all nations. Everyone needs the Lord, not just those who speak English or live nearby. Frankly, we don’t need another reason beyond this to be involved in missions.
2. Missions is practical. While there are great spiritual needs in our own land, accessibility to the gospel can be staggeringly difficult in some places. Access to the truth of the gospel is available in our land to any who would see. Missions brings the truth to the nations. Great need suggests great sacrifice.
3. Missions is natural. It is natural, spiritually speaking, for beggars who have found the bread of life to want other beggars to find that same bread. It is unnatural for us to experience God’s love and not want that love to be experienced by others – even those far away.
4. Missions is supernatural. It is supernatural to deeply love for those we don’t know, who don’t speak our language or follow our customs. It is supernatural to become family with those of other nations and tribes. God does that supernatural work of grace and love though missions.
5. Missions is personal. God calls real people to serve in real but far away places. God calls missionaries to deal with real people who need the gospel. Missions goes beyond theory to relationships because God is a personal God.
6. Missions is expanding. Through missions we see God is a big God with big plans in big places. Our understanding of God expands. Our love of the world expands. Our joy expands as we join God in His work.
7. Missions is exciting. We see that we are part of something greater than we thought. Our lives and our churches are part of God’s plan to impact the world and eternity. That is big and wonderful and exciting.
Missions matters and I’m glad God allows us to be part of His great work in the world!

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