Theology is Not the Goal

I’ve read a couple of books recently that taught me more about the life of J.P. Morgan, the famous banker. I didn’t know much about his life and work but he was among the most powerful men in the world for a time. He had great wealth, incredible influence and a massive art collection.
There was one thing that really surprised me about the man. He was very interested in the details of his church and denomination. He was actively involved in the work of the Episcopal church in New York and beyond. He got involved in details like what changes should be made in the book of common prayer and nuances of theology. I love that he cared about theology and the church.
What was disappointing, however, was that at the same time he was involved in theological issues in the Episcopal denomination, he was also involved in infidelity to his wife. He considered theological issues while pursuing adulterous relationships. Something was amiss.
I love theology- the study of God. But the goal of faith is not just to know more about God. It is to know more about God so that we can love God more fully and follow Him more closely. Theology should always lead to obedience, holiness and service. Our knowledge of God is about more than being smarter or better able to win arguments. It is about being more Christlike in character and action and attitude.

Learn more theology. But make the goal of your study more about Him than about you. Learn so you can live. Study so you can serve. Understand so you can follow. That is a greater goal.

Oh, and do invest your money wisely. Morgan would want me to say that.


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