When I Become the Dictator of the Southern Baptist Convention

Don’t worry, there is no imminent coup- and I would hope we would all aspire to something better. But, should I become the dictator of our beloved SBC, there are a few changes I will immediately install.
First, humility will be expected of all subjects. While discussions of theology and church polity are always acceptable, arrogance seems less helpful and will be tamped down by the iron fist of the dictatorship. Anyone saying things like “(My theological system) IS the gospel” will not be allowed any dessert after supper for a substantial time. Theological discussions that begin with “the bible clearly states my position…” will be replaced with “I believe the bible teaches…and here is why.” Humility is a good thing. I didn’t say it was a common thing, just good.
Second, honesty will be enforced on all numerical reporting. Average attendance will not be rounded up to the nearest number we wish it was or what we had on Easter. “Ministerally speaking” will be replaced with “mathematically speaking”. We will be honest about our numbers- even the bad ones. We will be honest with others and, and this one is really important, with ourselves. And, it isn’t bad to be honest with the Lord while we are at the whole honesty thing. We will note our successes and our failures- or the dictatorship will not allow viewing of “Duck Dynasty” for a month.
Third, we will recapture the words “evangelism” and “discipleship”. We will talk about these big categories and not just about church planting. Church planting will be seen as a means (not the only means) by which we fulfill the great commission of evangelism and discipleship. While we are on church planting, we will emphasize it while simultaneously emphasizing church renewal. Evangelism and discipleship will get greater emphasis or the dictatorship will enforce attendance at elongated meetings with no real point.
There is far more that I intend to inflict upon the convention when my dictatorship comes to fruition, but my mercy calls for me to give these ideas to you in smaller doses.

2 responses to “When I Become the Dictator of the Southern Baptist Convention

  1. I agree. While I have planted several churches over my past 28 years of ministry, I have never felt that it was the only way to fulfill the Great Commission. And making that the sole criterion for measuring the effectiveness of NAMB missionaries cost many good people their jobs.

  2. Reblogged this on Among the Outlaws and commented:
    Truthful, yet humorous. I like it.

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