Race and the Jesus Agenda

Few things are more difficult to have an honest conversation about than issues of race. This issue continues to divide and befuddle and frustrate our nation and even our churches. When I was a young man (my wife tells me I’m still young but her eyesight isn’t what it used to be) I thought racial reconciliation and unity would be far better by this point.

I’ve gone to some meetings about racial reconciliation and have come out of those times with this thought. The issues of racial division and animosity will not be solved by a white agenda. They won’t be solved by a black agenda. They won’t even be solved by a political or social agenda. The answer to racial unity can, however, be solved by a Jesus agenda.

When the agenda is to love God and, therefore, to love people, unity can be found. When the agenda sets aside personal goals for God’s goals, unity can be found. When what matters most is what Jesus wants, unity can be found. The world divides by race. Jesus unites by grace.

If you are a follower of Jesus you should only have one agenda- the Jesus agenda. That agenda is what unites us across racial or cultural or societal divides. He is the uniter and we are connected indivisibly by Him. Let’s make that our agenda in our churches and neighborhoods and nation. A Jesus agenda.

2 responses to “Race and the Jesus Agenda

  1. The world divides by race. Jesus unites by grace. You always are able to say so much with so few words. Chances are most all congregations would love this from their preachers. I’m continually working on this.

  2. I’m sure many in my congregation want even fewer words from me! 🙂

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