There is Hope

Hope is a powerful thing.

Without it, we sink into a chasm of despair and depression. But with it, we can overcome the most difficult and challenging circumstances of life.

And Christians have hope. Not wishful thinking hope. Not blind optimism hope. Not ignoring reality hope. Christians have genuine, God-given, obstacle-overcoming hope that comes from the throne room of heaven itself.

To the believers in Rome facing threats and problems, Paul spoke of hope. Though he himself dealt with persecution, trials and poverty, Paul was inspired by the Holy Spirit to write words of hope.

“Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you believe so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” Romans 15:13

Powerful words!

There is hope in this fallen world. There is hope for your life and future. There is hope for our churches in these uncertain times.

Here are three reasons we can have hope in these days.

1. There is hope because of God’s presence.

We serve “the God of hope”. That is who God is. Christians never need to lose hope because the Lord himself is our hope. And, the Lord is with us in every circumstance we face in this broken, fallen world.

When I was fearful as a boy, I wanted to know that my parents were near. Their presence helped me overcome my fears.

If you are struggling with anxiety or worry or depression, I remind you of the presence of your Heavenly Father. We can have hope in all situations because our God of hope is with us as we journey through them.

2. There is hope because of God’s power.

God can handle every circumstance we face. He is bigger than our problems, worries and doubts. I love how Romans 15:13 says it. “…you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.”

I want to “overflow with hope”, don’t you? Well, the key is understanding the power of the Holy Spirit. God has the power to handle these earthly problems. His power is greater than the circumstances of our world.

Remember this truth. God’s got this. He is still sovereign, still in control and still on his throne.

3. There is hope because of God’s promises.

God promises to be with us through all of life’s issues. He doesn’t sugar coat the broken nature of our world. This world is a world of sin, sorrow and problems. But the Lord has promised to walk through this world with his children. That promise stands.

God promises to use us to make a difference in this world. By his power, he uses people like us to share the hope of the gospel with others. He uses people like us to minister to the lonely and hurting. He uses people like us to show a dark world the light of Jesus. That promise stands.

God promises a better tomorrow. This world is not our home. Our home is far greater, far brighter and far better. We live with hope in this world because Jesus has promised us that he is preparing a home in heaven for those who have trusted him for salvation. He has promised to return for us and that we will meet him in the air or through the veil. That promise stands.

Christians live with hope. Real hope. Lasting hope. Overcoming hope. No matter the circumstances we face, there is hope. No matter the problems of our world, there is hope. No matter the darkness of the clouds, there is hope.

After all, we serve the God of hope.

And hope is a powerful thing.


One response to “There is Hope

    WONDERFUL reading that is so very true.
    God is our Hope. An unmovable anchor in any storm.
    Thank you for the great encouragement.

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