12 Things Every Ministry Leader Needs to Be

God cares about who you are, not just what you do. Before thinking of what we need to do, let’s think about what we need to be. Our “doing” should come out of our “being“. So, if you lead in ministry in any way, here are things you need to be. And, remember, what we do is always a result of who we are.

12 Things Every Ministry Leader Needs to Be-

  1. A growing follower of Jesus. Christians follow Jesus. Jesus said, “Follow me” and our faith and our ministry is about going where he goes and doing what he wants. Ministry leaders need to always grow to follow Jesus more fully and effectively.
  2. A committed servant to others. Ministry leaders should never shy away from serving people. That is at the heart of all true ministry. And, Jesus himself set the example of a life of serving others.
  3. A lover of God and people. We cannot be who God wants us to be without loving God and others. See I John for more on this. Ministry leaders are to be people who love God deeply and, out of that, love others created in his image.
  4. A determined, passionate pursuer of God’s will. We need God’s will to be our way. Seeking, pursuing and doggedly following the will of God should be a mark of every ministry leader.
  5. A learning student of effective ministry. Ministry leaders are not infallible or omniscient. At the core of all ministry leaders must to be a desire to learn how to do well what God has called them to do and accomplish. We are to be life long learners.
  6. A spiritual, godly example to others. While we ultimately point others to Jesus, the only perfect example, we know that our ministry leadership has a large wake. Desiring to live in a way that allows others to see Jesus in us is critical to who we are as Christian leaders.
  7. A person of deep faith in God’s power. Without faith it is impossible to please God. Impossible. God wants ministry leaders to have faith in his sovereign ability and believe he can use them because of his great power.
  8. A faithful teacher of truth. We don’t just teach the truth because we are ministry leaders; we teach the truth because the truth has taught us. We want everyone to know and follow it. Truth matters deeply to ministry leaders who get it right.
  9. An overcomer of past mistakes and failure. Every ministry leader comes flawed. We have all fallen and failed. But through God’s grace and forgiveness we get back up and refuse to be defined by our mistakes. After all, we are children of the King.
  10. An encourager of ministry partners. Knowing the danger of discouragement and the importance of encouragement, ministry leaders build up those who work with them. The care and feeding of co-laborers carries a high priority in effective leadership.
  11. A go-getter. Ministry is active, not passive. Ministry leaders initiate and instigate. They understand leadership involves hard work and diligent activity. They “fight the good fight of the faith” and “take hold of eternal life”. (1 Tim. 6:12)
  12. A person able to overcome discouragement. No ministry leader goes unscathed by battle. Every ministry leader faces criticism. Discouragement is a favorite tactic of the enemy. But God is greater and he has overcome and by his grace we can too!


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