Not Obscure to Him

I’m finishing preaching a series of messages through the book of Colossians. What a great book of the bible! The last chapter tells the names of many who are obscure to all but the most ardent of bible scholars. There are mentions of people like Tychicus and Aristarchus and even the only mention of a man named Jesus who is called Justus. (Talk about a tough name to live up to!)

These verses, and other places with similar lists, remind us that the bible is filled with the names of people who are not so well-known. You may know about Paul and David and Moses, but perhaps not about Benaiah or Epaphras or Ehud the left-handed Benjaminite. Those names are less remembered.

Perhaps you even feel a bit obscure in your service to the Lord. You may not be a famous evangelist or well-known pastor. Perhaps you aren’t trending or a mover and shaker.

But God knows your name. You matter deeply to him.

A man in our church recently had to step down from teaching his Life group to care for his wife. He has taught Junior High boys for the last 35 years. You read that right. Junior High boys. 35 years. Having been a Junior High boy in my past I stand amazed at his perseverance! But teaching this age boys is probably not the most glamorous position in the body of Christ. It isn’t always the way to great recognition in the church family.

But God know his name. He matters deeply to him.

There are no obscure people to the Lord. He knows your name and your story and your potential. If you know him as Savior, he has adopted you into his family and you are deeply and dearly loved by him.

Christian, you may not be famous in the eyes of the world, you could not be more loved by the Father than you already are. Obscure to the world? Maybe. Obscure to the Lord? Never. You are the apple of his eye.

I’m glad for names like Tychicus and Ehud. I may not know much about them in this world. I probably won’t name my children after them. But I know they matter to our Lord as much as anyone who has ever lived. And so do you.

After all, you are famous to God.


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