#SBC17 Our Greatest Need

If programs were our greatest need, the Southern Baptist Convention (and Evangelicals as a whole) would have accomplished all the Lord asks of us long ago. Programs are fine, even good. We need the practical application of our faith. But programs and methodology are not our deepest need.

If behavioral changes were our greatest need, we might whip people into obedience and call it a day. Right behavior is good, even critical. We need to do the things God asks us to do and avoid those he tells us not to do. But this is not our deepest need.

If cultural battles were our greatest need, we could enact a never ending stream of resolutions and feel the war is won. Cultural battles are important, even necessary. Our culture is going the wrong way at an ever increasing pace. But we have a need deeper than this.

God made us and saved us for more than programs, outward changes and fighting wrong in our world. He made us for a relationship with him. He saved us to bring us into a deeply personal relationship with him. He wants more than our actions or words. He wants us.

The greatest need we have is revival.

Revival is the people of God getting right with him. It is the renewal of our passion for him, the rekindling of our first love. Revival is the people of God turning from sin and seeking him above all else. It is the restoration of our intimate connection with the Lord and finding, therefore, the connection with him that gives us the vision and power to impact the world for his glory.

The greatest need for the SBC (and the Evangelical world) is a great revival that results in a spiritual awakening in our world. Revival will lead us to greater evangelistic effectiveness and missionary zeal. It will lead us to passion for service and love for others. It will cause us to focus on the eternal and the significant.

I’m praying for a great revival in our lives, churches and denominations that will lead us to love God more deeply and to follow him more closely. I’m praying for a revival that rekindles our hearts with passion for the lost and love for each other. I’m praying for a revival that changes our hearts and impacts our world.

Will you pray with me?

One response to “#SBC17 Our Greatest Need

  1. Seems like I heard you give an illustration about the Newspaper that asked the greatest thinkers and philosophers to write to them “What’s Wrong With the World.” Many responded with long articles but one man sent in his answer to the What’s “Wrong With the World” and it was only two words. His answer was; “I am.” Maybe that’s the beginning of revival.

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