Feeling Lost

Good word from my sweet wife.

It was a grand adventure.  For a young mom with two preschoolers and an infant, taking Daddy to the airport was a HUGE deal.  It didn’t happen very often, and the excitement of the trip to the airport helped to ease the anxiety of Daddy leaving for a few days. Seeing that big plane take off, then waving to the oblivious passengers, the joy of the moment turned into reality.

He was gone.  I was alone.  And I couldn’t find the car.

In the excitement of the moment, I had forgotten to memorize where we had parked the car.  I don’t always pay attention well when he’s the one driving.  I should have been more observant.  I should have written down the exact location on my crude palm pilot (aka, my hand) like I often did to remind myself of things I absolutely needed to remember.

But I didn’t.


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