The Best And Worst of Christmas

My favorite opening line to a novel is “It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.” (Followed closely by, “It was a dark and stormy night.”) Christmas can be the best and worst of times.

We see the greatest examples of generosity at Christmas and terrible, soul-stifling stinginess.

We see acts of forgiveness and deeply rooted bitterness at slights of years gone by.

Christmastime leads to great joy and happiness and fits of road rage and public meltdowns.

Many people celebrate Christmas in church services while others endure it in darkened rooms.

Love and hatred. Joy and anger. Happiness and pain. Focus and excess. Christmas brings out the best and the worst.

The worst of Christmas is found in our sin and brokeness and pain. The best is found in His grace and healing and hope.

This Christmas, I hope you will discover the best of times. The simple truth of a Savior sent to give us eternal life. The joy of giving to express our care. The freedom in forgiving as He forgave. The gratefulness of counting blessings long forgotten. The comfort of loving family and friends. Christmas can be for you this year the best of times.

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