When Revival Comes

The great need of our day is for genuine revival to come to believers in our nation. I’m delighted to see Ronnie Floyd’s emphasis on revival (sometimes called a “spiritual awakening”) in my own denomination. It is desperately needed.
Revival is specifically about the revived spiritual commitment of those who know Christ as Savior and Lord. While it leads to evangelistic concern (and often an awakening among those who are not saved to their need for salvation) it is specifically about reviving those who have already been “vived”.
Here are some results that will follow a genuine revival should it come to our churches and believers.
1. A deepened love for God and the things of God. We will love God above self and will love what He loves. We will have a hunger for the bible and for prayer.
2. A new passion for holiness in our personal lives. We will want to obey the Lord out of our love for Him. We will want to do what He wants and will no longer justify actions or attitudes that He says are wrong.
3. A renewed love for the church and for the lost. We will love the church because He loves the church and gave Himself for her. We will love her though she is filled with imperfect others because we so appreciate the grace God gave to imperfect us. And, we will love those who are still in spiritual bondage wanting them to discover this same grace.

4. We will become dissatisfied with petty attitudes and lukewarm hearts and halfhearted devotion. We will want to serve with a godly attitude and hearts that long for God and wholehearted devotion to the One worthy of such.

Will you join me in praying for a genuine revival in our hearts and churches? Let’s ask the Lord to do such a great work in and through us that we know it is of Him. It is the great need of our day.

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