Buying what doesn’t satisfy

I have a special love for Isaiah 55. It is a powerful chapter in the bible that speaks to our generation just as it did to the generation that first read its words.
When revival came to my life and church 20 years ago, this is the chapter I preached on for the next several Sunday evenings. A couple of those services last 4 hours and longer. Without complaint. Let the thought of those last two sentences sink in a moment.
God has

used these words to teach me and others. Verse two asks the question, “Why do you spend money on what is not food, and your wages on what does not satisfy?”
Have you ever considered that question? Why am I so focused on things that don’t last, don’t help and don’t matter? Why do I put so much energy into things that don’t- that can’t- give me satisfaction while forgetting the weightier matters?
The essence of revival is changed priorities. The things that matter most to God become the things that matter most to me.
God offers something that lasts and something that really matters. Wouldn’t you like your life to count? Wouldn’t you like to have a lasting impact? Revival always leads us in that direction- to the things that really matter from an eternal perspective.
Are you thirsty? God offers water that satisfies. Everything else will leave your mouth dry and unsatisfied. Maybe you would ask God for a cup to drink– or an open fire hydrant.

One response to “Buying what doesn’t satisfy

  1. Amen brother! Preach it!…..(I guess I can say that…since you are a real Preacher!)

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