The Immersed Connection

Books can have a deep connection with us. I love my connection with books and authors that have been meaningful in my life.
I recently preached in Atlanta in a church that had used my book “Immersed: 40 Days to a Deeper Faith” church-wide. Most of them had read each chapter of the book for 40 straight days, discussed it in their small groups and there was even a sermon series connected to it.
Because of that, we had a special connection- an ‘Immersed connection’. Men and women, teenagers, even some kids

, told me how meaningful the experience had been for them and how they had grown spiritually during that time. We were special friends during those 40 days. I sat by them at their breakfast tables or in their comfy chair. Well, not literally, just literarily. (Okay, poor grammar, but you get the idea.)
That is a special connection. That is what authors hope for. That is why we write. We pray God can use our words in a way that helps others grow in their own faith.
I hope you will make a special connection with some author this week!

2 responses to “The Immersed Connection

  1. I’m reading your book each day. Just finished Day Six. It’s easy to read, and most importantly, it is thought -provoking. Thank you!

    • Bob,
      Thanks so much. I will be with you in spirit. And some day, Lord willing, we will come down to Savanah and see if it is as beautiful as you say!

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