My Second Favorite Missionaries

   It will be hard for anyone to replace my favorite missionaries.  My son-in-law, daughter and grand baby (with another on the way) are serving with the International Mission Board in Madagascar.  But let me tell you about my second favorite missionaries.

   James and Sonya Herron serve with the IMB in Uganda.  They were “normal” members of our church (can anyone be called normal with me as their pastor?) who began going on mission trips to Uganda with our church.  Then, they started leading mission groups from our church.  Then,

God called them to become career missionaries.  James already had seminary training as he worked to help black church starts in Illinois.

   They sold their home here in O’Fallon and went from suburbia to sub-Sahara.  They live in a city in Uganda which has more comforts than much of Africa- running water, indoor plumbing (that was a tremendous invention- whoever invented that is really, really underrated) and even electricity.  That electricity thing can be pretty intermittent in Uganda, but at least they have it sometimes.

   Much of their ministry, however, is on the islands of Lake Victoria.  There is no indoor plumbing on the islands.  No electricity- intermittent or not.  Just great spiritual needs.

   The Herrons start churches on these islands- and they are very good at it.  They meet people sometimes who have never, ever heard of Jesus.  Not once.  And they start churches, train pastors and do evangelism like crazy.

   They left recently to go back to Uganda after some time back in the states and in our church.  I am so appreciative of their commitment and sacrifice.  Did you realize there are people who do these things?  Leave suburbia and go far away?  Leave behind family and friends because they are called by God to talk to people who have never heard of Jesus? 

   Next time you pray, remember to pray for the Herrons and others like them.  They are pretty awesome.  Second place isn’t so bad!

One response to “My Second Favorite Missionaries

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    I really ljke aall of the points you’ve made.

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