Joy isn’t at Disneyworld

I humbly offer the following for your consideration-

   “I’m a man on a mission.  We recently packed the kids into the family van and headed off for vacation spots.  No phones, no meetings, just relaxation.  However, I forgot to tell that to my brain.

   I get mission-oriented, even on vacation.  We have to rush to get to the next place. ‘No dawdling allowed,’ I tell my family.  ‘After all, we’re on vacation!  We’ve got to hurry to get there.  And for heaven’s sake, can’t you people wait a little longer between bathroom stops?  Just forty-six more miles until we can stop at a gas station that has a fast food restaurant.  But we can’t stop for long.  Those other cars will pass us on the interstate. They’ll get to our destination before we do.  If I have calculated this correctly, and I think I have, we can be in and out in approximately 13.5 minutes.  Okay, we’re almost to the gas station.  Everyone get ready…Roll, roll, roll!’  And the only thing rolling is my wife’s eyes.

   A vacation isn’t just about getting some place, it’s about enjoying the time together.  The vacation isn’t so much a destination as it is a journey.

   We often think of joy as a destination.  ‘I’ll be happy,’ we say to ourselves, ‘when I get that promotion, or reach that goal, or accomplish that feat.’  But I am beginning to realize that joy, like that vacation, is not so much a  destination as it is a journey.”

What do you think?

-Excerpt from the book “Seven Steps to Becoming a Healthy Christian Leader” by Doug Munton

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